R1202_Collaborative Networks

The present paper proposes a project for construction of urban networks through cooperation in Barcelona. My aim is to develop a proposal to enhance cooperation at the neighbourhood level. In doing so, I will attempt to study the diff erent social and spatial
relationships built over the process of formation of a food-consumption cooperative in the city, and develop a proposal engaging both civil society and public institutions to promote the formation of new groups. I claim that through analysing the complexities
of this formation-process, relationships could be understood, and hence, links could be enhanced among existing actors and new social bonds and ties could be fostered, generating tejido asociativo [civic fabric] in the city. The proposal is a hypothetical commission from the Council of Barcelona. Assuming the fact that the Pam a Pam Cooperative is the fi rst food-consumption cooperative in Barcelona hosted by a public facility, I develop the proposal considering that the interest of the Council is to analyse the experience, and to assess the possibility of expanding it to a network of cooperatives in the municipality.

A basic concern guides the thoughts developed in the present paper: How can cities be designed promoting sustainable development while at the same time fostering social relationships and ties? The response is sought through a project engaging with social relationships which promote sustainable principles.

A storage room two hours a week

Wednesday, 18th July 2012.

Around 7pm, one of the two women running Tres Quarteres farm parks their van in the proximity of the Parc-Sandaru Centre Civic. In the service entrance there is a member (or two) of the Pam a Pam Cooperative waiting for their weekly baskets to be delivered full of vegetables, fruits and eggs. They unload the boxes, get into the building, take the service elevator to the third fl oor, walk to a storage room and leave the boxes on some shelves arranged for this purpose. Then they take the empty boxes … continue reading …

Master Thesis for MSc City Design and Social Science 2011-2012, LSE

Author(s)_Jorge Martín Sainz de los Terreros